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i think all these trans-women-in-sports-posts assume the following:

1) you can't adjust the male body of a transwoman to not have an advantage in certain sports over female bodies - statistically not individually, of course.

2) if the number of trans-women-athletes rises there will maybe come a time where a female athlete will hardly ever win any competition.

3) this violates our collective sense of fairness.

and i begrudgingly tend to agree. don't you?

>> There are literally hundreds of thousands of trans athletes and this is the first with an international title* (*that's not in a 'senior' league of 35+)
as mentioned, this situation will exacerbate with rising number of transwoman athletes.

>> Only athletes with at least one year of hormone therapy are allowed to participate, and their allowed level of testosterone, while above the female average, is lower than the average level of female athletes >> The hormone therapy will cause a loss of muscles as well as red and white bloodcells while the bones ofc remain the same - she is carrying a man's structure with the infrastructure of a woman.
commendable effort on trying to make things fair but very probably not enough. as you said, she's still carrying a man's structure. this inherent difference matters and i fear it cannot be overcome.

>> Trans ppl have the highest rates in homelessness and in suicide because we continue to treat them as weird freaks when all they wanna do is just live in peace. Please please, consider these factors when you post content like that!
i separate the phenomenon of transwomen in sports from all other trans issues. discrimination, homelessness, suicide and such are best tackled in other debates.
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