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using over the top language won't do her cause any good. i can see absolutely no overlap between self-perceived flirting and rape. using that word when what is really meant is some form of (and i hate to use it in that context but) "milder" sexual assault cheapens the suffering of actual rape victims.

knowing there are inconsiderate assholes out there, possibly drunk, it doesn't take much imagination to picture a dude trying - and failing - to flirt with too much use of hands, ranging from annoying to very indecent. that's still not rape though and language matters. nobody confuses having unconsentual sex with flirting.

"if you are afraid your flirting will cause a woman to call you a creep/predator/asshole/sexual assailant/etc, that's not flirting. and it never was."

granted not as catchy but that shouldn't get in the way of truth.

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