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sorry, i'm missing something something here. you still didn't tell me why excatly the 31 genders thing is disinformation. so far you only critisized the design and somehow just brush the whole thing off as bullshit - but i honestly don't know how you even came to that conclusion.
the listed genders may be just examples and i'm not gonna hang myself up on the number 31 but if there are more genders - and from the gender ID card it looks like possibly as many genders as people - it's even more troublesome, since people are legally obligated to use those gibberish preferred pronouns, for example, which is insane. that's what i'm suggesting. no, not to exclude trans people from anti-discrimination laws, why would you even ask that?

and i'm not gonna defend tim pool. if you don't like him after your skin deep analysis and pigeonholing, that's that.

i would prefer homophobes, transphobes and racists all just got therapy, but the problem is, of course, that they don't recognize these shortcomings as such. maybe some broad "rationality-training" could be helpful.
wowza. you're only one step away from just outright naming it "reeducation camp". what you wrote there is truly terrifying.

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