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fellow soupers, this is an experiment i wanted to try for some time now and i'm asking for your help!

youtube's recommendations feed is based on the watch history of one's account and quite helpful to get more into a topic of interest - but of course it also creates a massive filter bubble and gets boring pretty fast. then there's nothing left to do except deleting the watch history to start anew, which i indeed regularly do ...

... but this time i thought it'd be more interesting if other people determined what youtube would recommend to me, so i'm asking anyone to give me some youtube suggestions. no matter what topic. politics, art, education, memes, music, comedy, anime, shitposting, etc, ... i don't care.

please just post links without any description, like so
and after deleting my personal history i'll watch them to infect the recommendation system xD naturally, i'm expecting the worst but maybe i'll find a thing or two i like that i wouldn't have found otherwise.

links and/or reposting are greatly appreciated!
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